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Interrail Guide: Europe by Train

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You want to experience your first backpacking adventure in Europe – but are unsure what to expect? Then this book will address your uncertainties and answer all your questions. Starting with planning your travel route, a required budget, and the optimal packing list, you will find everything you need to know for a successful journey by train through Europe.

Interrail Buch
  • The most popular countries and itineraries
  • Interrail, Eurail or separate train tickets
  • How to find a suitable travel partner
  • How to find affordable accommodation
  • The optimal packing list for Europe
  • Travel safety for both men and women
  • Useful tips and others’ experience

With this book, you will be well prepared to start your first backpacking adventure. From my experience, I can tell you that traveling by train is the most beautiful way to discover Europe. Let’s go, your adventure awaits!

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📚 Reviews

Melanie Buch


“The book enables step-by-step planning for an unforgettable train journey and is a must for everyone who wants to experience Europe by rail.“

Melanie from

Kai Behrmann Gate7 Podcast


“The book is a very good travel companion. Loaded with lots of valuable information and practical tips, it shows you how to discover Europe on your own by train.“

Kai from GATE7 Travelpodcast

Interrail Buch


I am really enthusiastic about the book! After reading it I felt perfectly prepared and was also very surprised how cheap travel can be.

Customer on

Interrail Erfahrung


„This book is a really helpful guide as to how best to prepare for a long rail journey, the dos and don’ts of rail. I would really recommend it as a great way to prepare interrailing.“

Customer on

Zug Buch Reise


“I love getting on the train and discovering the world.”


Bahngleise Interrail


„Traveling through Europe is simply the best mix of culture and adventure.“


⁉️ Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the book?

The book is currently only available at Amazon. Depending on demand, the book will also be published by other providers.

Is a journey through Europe worthwhile?

Yes! I Absolutely recommend a journey by train through Europe. I myself have so many wonderful memories of all my travels that I wrote this book.

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